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Our solution is in compliance with CDC & EPA Guidelines. Up to 4 weeks of coverage against COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria.
ATP Testing Before & After Service! To ensure bacteria is removed. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Our technicians are ISSA & OSHA certified, background checked, skilled, certified, and professional disinfection experts.
Electrostatic Spray Technology with ProGuard disinfectant solutions. To reach 100% surface coverage from every crack and crevice.
Kills 99.999% of Germs, Bacteria, & Viruses with No Chemical Poisons. Our goal is to reduce Infection rates by creating a healthy environment.
Our hospital grade products are Non Corrosive, Non Toxic, Safe for Humans, Pets, and the Environment.



Earth Genius Sanitation (EGS) is a leader in the disinfection and COVID-19 prevention services industry. EGS uses Electrostatic disinfection technology that provides 360° coverage on surfaces guaranteeing our clients are properly protected. Our ProGuard solution provides a hospital-grade, eco-friendly disinfectant that gives our clients 4 weeks of coverage against COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria. EGS’s electrostatic spray technology safely works within commercial and residential locations to keep your clients and loved ones safe from diseases by eliminating the spread of bacteria. Before and after our service, we properly test the area with an ATP testing device to uncover the level of bacteria on the service prior to disinfection and ensure the area is bacteria-free upon completion. Our goal is to provide a germ-free environment for our clients, their clients, and the communities we serve.



co-working office space - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


Our business or office is like our second home and our co-workers and employees are our extended families. Most office spaces contain germs and bacteria that are hidden from our vision and simple cleaning methods just won’t kill everything it needs to. Unsanitary conditions cause diseases to spread which create an unsafe environment for our clients and employees. EGS is committed to keeping you and your work family safe in this new world.

empty gym - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


For most, the gym and exercise facilities are their “happy place.” Unfortunately, these locations are magnets for viruses and are constantly contaminated with germs and bacteria. Sharing gym equipment is an easy way to exchange, spread, and contract diseases because in most cases, gyms have a vast turnaround of people every hour on the hour. Despite gym personnel’s best efforts to clean and disinfect, unfortunately their standard practices just aren’t enough. EGS is here to help.

school classroom - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


Schools and Educational Centers are some of the most impacted industries today. Fortunately, the education industry has understood the importance of preventing the spread of diseases and viruses for years. School boards realize that germs come and go as often as the teachers and students do – leaving the door open for quick spread of viruses and bacteria growth. EGS is here to minimize this exposure for schools nationwide.

Medical Team Joining Jigsaw Pieces


Clinics and hospitals all over the country house our heroes! EGS understands that these locations are most vulnerable for the spread of bacteria. Viruses come and go frequently as patients are treated and discharged but unfortunately, most viruses and bacteria tend to stay behind as patients head home, leaving your businesses as a prime contributor to the spread. EGS understands the vulnerability our healthcare heroes and patients face in unsanitary conditions and we are here to keep you protected.

child in daycare playing with blocks - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


It’s no secret that kids aren’t mindful about washing their hands and cleaning their designated areas – so daycare centers and preschools are true hot spots for the spread of germs and diseases! Daycares have managed internal pandemics for years; when 1 child falls ill the faculty and other children then follow. It’s virtually impossible to control the spread of viruses because once identified it’s already too late. Germs tend to overstay their welcome on surfaces and hidden areas in the daycare centers leaving the door open for bacteria to spread and fester causing outbreaks to never fully go away. EGS values our essential caregivers and early childhood educators and is here to combat against disease.

luxurious hotel room - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


Hotels and other location in the hospitality industry, including Airbnbs, are seeing a higher turnover of guests with diseases and causing people to be sick on their vacations. Hotel rooms are often contaminated with germs and other bacteria and simply cleaning just is not enough. Germs stay longer on surfaces and hidden areas in the room, despite the best efforts by housekeeping services to keep clean. This allows germs to grow and spread causing your guests to feel ill and reluctant to return.

bank teller wearing protective mask and working with customer


Our local banks certainly have their hands full in light of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Consumers, borrowers and businesses face sudden closures, income losses, slowed sales, and declining profits as COVID-19 continues to spread around the world. Regulars at banking facilities are eager to begin conducting business inside the centers and are likely to start seeking financial relief. EGS understands the importance of a safe environment for consumers to conduct business and employees to help navigate the new normal. We are here to help!

retail store - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


COVID-19’s global spread has polarized consumers retail activity. Shoppers have stopped going to once-crowded places like malls, big box department stores, and theaters as they adapt to the “new normal” and abide by the new social distancing protocols worldwide. Retailers are eagerly taking strides to prepare for a new type of “grand opening” and are excited to reconnect with their client base. Our goal is to minimize the risk you face and navigate through this new normal environment.

empty restaurant - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


Remember those good ole lunch breaks? The majority of big chains have closed dining rooms in favor of takeout and delivery. However, restaurants nationwide feel suffocated by COVID-19’s timeline, but it is mainly the harrowing reality that there isn’t one on the horizon. Restaurant owners & owner operators across the country have pondered in recent day on what measures they can take to repel the crisis. The big question always remains how much more will COVID-19 harm my business? EGS is here to help you get back to the dining experience you’ve been missing.

boxes in warehouse - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


Manufacturing and supply chain organizations have become “essential” businesses overnight. As a result of outsourcing and globalization, warehouses have increased in complexity with a need for additional staff and goods that need to be ready at the speed of light. Maintaining a safe sanitary environment for these key employees is more than just important – it is mandatory in our new world. The continuing Coronavirus outbreak has demonstrated the double-edged sword that manufactures have desired for years. EGS understands the importance of having a smooth operation on and off the cover belts.

car steering wheel - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


Carpooling is always a good idea, but the consequences that come with it my not be worth the ride share. The typical family sedan’s interior has a volume of about 102 cubic feet – that’s approximately a 10th the size of a bedroom! We cram four, or sometimes five, people into that small space, which means it’s impossible to social distance. All vehicles can be the hot spots of the most dangerous, and transmissible diseases. Surfaces frequently touched are more prone to becoming infected. EGS understands the importance of a clean means of transportation for you and your family. We are here to help.

modern kitchen - EGS COVID-19 disinfecting available


Our homes are our personal sanctuaries! Most can agree there is nothing quite like a safe, clean, organized home. Germs also enjoy the comfort of our homes – and can impact your family’s health and well-being. However, the last thing any family wants is their children, the elderly or their health compromised due to germs and bacteria that regular cleaning means just wont protect. Yes, scrubbing busy touch-points and mopping high traffic areas frequently can temporarily disinfect your home but not as well as EGS can. Our electrostatic equipment offers 360° coverage on the areas we cover giving you and your family the ultimate peace of mind.



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